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On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy. I may also include an explanation of what I like about the site.


If you wish to link to our site - feel free to use our banner. Just right-click the banner and pick - save picture as - and place it in a file you'll remember on your computer. If you link to our site let me know via e-mail and I'll include your's here as well.


I've been hangin' in this place since I was 19. If you’re ever in our town come on in for a cold one. I'm likely at the Stonehouse if I'm not on the road. 
Christopher Leigh


Independent artists & musicians! If you are ready to advance your music to the next level you need to get the Indie Bible. I purchased the past 2 editions of the Indie Bible and I will by the next one. Before the Indie Bible I had no clue where to begin. This resource will put it all together for you.  From booking festivals to getting your CDs reviewed and played on the radio, and many more helpful resources this publication has it all. I highly recommend the Indie Bible!                                                                                                 Christopher Leigh



If you haven't seen Josh yet then all I have to say is What Are You Waiting For? All of you who have seen him know what I'm talking about. One of the best that the Motor City has to offer. When I'm not gigging I go see Josh.
Christopher Leigh


This internet radio station is playing cuts from our CD!